2018 Hyundai I30 Owner's Manual

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2018 Hyundai I30 Owner's Manual

The complex of active assistants Hyundai SmartSense received many additional functions. Now the automatic braking system also recognizes pedestrians with cyclists, the blind spot tracking system will be able to independently slow down the car if it recognizes an obstacle, and the system that tracks the car in front will give the driver a signal if he missed the start of the movement. There are also lane keeping and automatic braking systems when reversing.

Hyundai i30 – front-wheel drive hatchback class “C”. The facelift version of the third generation of the model was shown in September 2018.

This update did not happen by chance and, apparently, it was not planned in Hyundai’s plans. So, what prompted the manufacturer to make an unscheduled update after only two years from the moment the model was presented? The reason for this is the new Euro 6d-TEMP environmental standards.

In the cabin of the Hyundai i30, you should not expect changes, everything remains as before., The only consolation bonus will be an updated multimedia system with additional functions and settings.

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