2018 Hyundai Kona Owner's Manual

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2018 Hyundai Kona Owner's Manual

It is important to note that an extensive list of electronic systems is available for the restyled Kona. In addition to adaptive cruise control (now with the Stop and Go function), the crossover can be equipped with a lane centering system, a blind spot monitoring system with preventive braking, automatic braking when driving both forward and reverse (in the latter case, and when recognizing an approaching side of the object), as well as other systems.

Separate from the base version is the N Line version, which first appeared after restyling. It has a different exterior design, is devoid of unpainted lining around the perimeter of the body, and is equipped with 18-inch wheels. In the cabin – decorative elements in red. N Line is equipped exclusively with a 1.6-liter turbo engine and all-wheel drive, and even more sporty steering settings.

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