2019 Hyundai I40 Owner's Manual

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2019 Hyundai I40 Owner's Manual

Hyundai i40 sedan model has been released , which is very similar to the well-known Elantra, but only externally. The updated model does not belong to the premium, but its filling is quite good compared to competitors. In the cabin, everything is done using modern technologies with its own personal highlight in the style of Hyundai. All the necessary systems and buttons with regulators are located on the center console, everything is intuitively clear here. The instrument panel lights, as always, are neatly illuminated in blue. Despite the presence of a touch screen, there are keys and β€œtwists”, perhaps this is due to reliability, or perhaps the model is simply not too expensive in its lineup.

The spacious interior space is its main advantage. There is enough space above the head, and even for the legs and knees. The interior itself, not lagging behind the appearance, is somewhat reminiscent of a wave. In the car appeared a bright blue backlight at the instruments. Such a color solution not only does not irritate the eyes, but on the contrary, it calms.
The engine is diesel, with a volume of 1.7 liters, with a capacity of 141 “horses”. i40 without problems accelerates to 10 kilometers in 10.1 seconds. Fuel consumption with all this is only five liters.
The 2022 Hyundai i40 is priced at $14,623.

The plastic and other interior parts in 2018 Hyundai I40 are made of high-quality soft materials. It is possible to get a complete set with leather seats in several colors.
This car has not a small mass, so it is equipped with engines ranging from 1.7 liters, and its consumption will really please the owner – only 5.1 liters of gasoline will be required per 100 km of road. The standard Hyundai i40 will cost about $ 14,000 for the US market.

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