2021 Hyundai Venue Owner's Manual

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2021 Hyundai Venue Owner's Manual

Hyundai Venue is a front-wheel drive crossover of the K1 class. The public debut took place at the New York Auto Show in the spring of 2019.

With a total length of 4040mm, a width of 1770mm, a height of 1592mm and a wheelbase of 2520mm, the Venue is the most compact SUV in Hyundai’s lineup.

Externally, the car turned out to be very stylish and original. Its cubic silhouette, combined with various customization options, will attract the attention of not only young people, but also older generations. At the same time, branded features are clearly visible in the exterior design, namely: double-decker headlights and a cascading radiator grille. Similar solutions can be found on the larger Santa Fe and the flagship Palisade.

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