2022 Hyundai Genesis G70 Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai Genesis G70 Owner's Manual

The Korean-made premium sedan is the Hyundai Genesis G70. Externally, the car looks very prestigious and sporty, in principle, it is so. Any external part of the G70 attracts attention, everything is perfect and beautiful. In the cabin, too, everything looks flawless and not only looks, but also feels soft to the touch, all materials are of high quality, there is a metallic finish and not too many controls. The front seats are comfortable and have support. In the back row, for tall people, it will not be too comfortable, but with a quality finish.

In the maximum configuration, the Hyundai G70 can run on a 3.3-liter engine with an automatic transmission for 8 gears. Such a premium car reaches a cost of maximum configuration – 90 thousand $. Such a cost for a sedan, although premium, is a bit overpriced, but the model is also intended for the American market.

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