2022 Hyundai Genesis GV80 Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai Genesis GV80 Owner's Manual

The first thing that catches the eye on the Genesis GV80 are the two-level headlights and the grille, made in the form of a web. The buyer can purchase a car with both small and large wheels. A matte body color will also be available to choose from. The most popular color of all offered is green, which looks stylish, fresh and new. The same green color prevails in the cabin.

The salon itself can be made of both natural and artificial leather. The instrument panel (digital) has 12.3 inches, the display is 14.5 inches. The seating position is very high, in line with other crossovers.

The engine of a car on gasoline, with a volume of 3.5 liters, can produce 249 “horses”.

The 2022 Hyundai Genesis GV80 is priced at $49,700.

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