2022 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Owner's Manual

Almost perfect electric car – Hyundai Ioniq Electric . Its graceful appearance is only the first thing you can learn about. The fun begins when you sit behind the wheel of this handsome. Electronic equipment exceeds expectations.
There are two engines here, and they are electric, with a total capacity of 320 horsepower, and its cruising range is 410 kilometers. And this is more than competitors of the same class.

Since this is a real car of the future, now you will not see the usual dashboard here. Instead, a touch screen is installed: one half for information content, and the second for controlling electric vehicle systems.

Another hatchback from Hyundai , namely Ioniq Electric 2022, filled with new features. Without a doubt, it attracts most of all with its low fuel consumption – four liters per hundred kilometers in the combined travel mode. The trunk has 750 liters of cargo space.

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