2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Owner's Manual

Korean manufacturers of hybrid cars have poured their offspring into the light, its name is Hyundai Ioniq . On a basic set, this hatchback will cost 23 thousand dollars. And the main advantage of Ionic is fuel economy due to combined driving. In this mode, the consumption is only 4 liters of liquid fuel per 100 kilometers.

The external design of the car attracts with a fairly large body size, and the interior looks like a premium expensive hatch, but with the most fashionable β€œchips”. The dashboard is fully digitized and informative. A touch computer is installed in the middle of the torpedo to control this “ship”.

The Koreans also took care that the hatchback weighed as little as possible. The hood, doors and trunk lid of the Hyundai Ionic are made of aluminum and lightweight materials. And the ECO-DAS (Eco-Driving Assistant System) system analyzes the current traffic level according to satellite navigation data, selects a route without the need for sudden accelerations and decelerations, and allows you to most efficiently recharge the battery in accordance with the requirements of the predicted road conditions.

Since we are talking about on-board equipment, it is worth noting that Ioniq received dual-zone climate control, a multimedia complex with a 7-inch screen, tire pressure monitoring, seven airbags (including a knee one for the driver), a car lane keeping function, monitoring ” dead zones, an automatic braking system that recognizes pedestrians and much more.

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