2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Owner's Manual

Hyundai Santa Cruz is a front- or all-wheel drive pickup truck of the K4 class. The first generation of the model. The premiere of the car took place on April 15, 2021.

After conducting a survey among potential buyers, Hyundai found an unfilled niche for themselves Sport Adventure Vehicle (“sports adventure vehicle”). Light pickup Santa Cruz and is designed to fill this niche. The target audience in the United States for a pickup truck are urban residents who love outdoor activities, for the attributes of which the cargo compartment is better suited than the trunk.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is built on the same Hyundai-KIA N3 platform as the Tucson. Yes, and due to the Parametric Jewel grill, the relationship with the crossover is obvious, even if the design of the Santa Cruz front end is different in details. The car has a length of 4970 mm with a wheelbase of 3005 mm. That is, by the standards of American pickups, this Santa Cruz is a crumb.

The light platform, borrowed from other models of the concern, means a load-bearing body and a multi-link rear suspension. The car can be loaded with 640 kilograms. The top-closing cargo compartment is 1,323 mm long and 1,368 mm wide (1,085 mm between the wheel arches). There is another compartment under the flooring, the body itself can be equipped with various types of mounts, a light, a 115-volt socket hidden in the box, as well as additional accessories.

The main controls of the car repeat those familiar to us from the American Tucson. Is that instead of a push-button gearbox block, there is an uncontested lever. Like the crossover, the Santa Cruz pickup truck can be equipped with a 10.25-inch instrument panel display without a visor, a multimedia system display of the same size, and an air conditioning touch panel. There is a big difference on the second row of Santa Cruz: under the reclining seat, as is customary in the pickup class, there is a compartment for small things.

The car is equipped with two engines, both – 2.5-liter gasoline, but differ in the presence of a turbine. The aspirator produces 194 hp. With. and 245 Nm, supercharged engine – 285 forces and 422 Nm. Both are available to be equipped with the HTRAC all-wheel drive system (plug-in rear axle), but the gearboxes are different: an eight-speed hydromechanics for a naturally aspirated engine and an eight-speed “robot” for a turbo engine.

Hyundai Santa Cruz can be equipped with adaptive cruise control, an automatic braking system in front of obstacles (with recognition of pedestrians and cyclists), a lane keeping system, active monitoring of blind spots, an assistant when reversing. In addition, all-round cameras are also available for the Santa Cruz pickup.

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