2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual

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2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Owner's Manual

Unfortunately for the Asian car company Hyundai itself, but fortunately for the competitors of this brand, the sales of its cars began to plummet, despite the rabid popularity. In order to correct the injustice in the market, the developers decided to please car enthusiasts by sharing rumors about a fresh Hyundai Santa Fe model of 2023.
Apparently, the designers decided to surprise potential buyers with exterior innovations, as if to prove that it is not necessary to look back on the past (and remember the failures of Hyundai, of course). For example, drivers will no longer see round headlights in front of their eyes, as they have been replaced by square ones. The grille now resembles a honeycomb, hinting at the painstaking work that went into Hyundai’s headlights. The daytime running lights are made in the shape of the letter H, and all together from the side looks like a fierce stare and a dangerous mouth, ready to grab the “enemy”.
Due to its square shape, the internal volume of the car will easily increase, and the dimensions on the contrary will not undergo changes. But what can we expect inside? Alas, the interior will remain the same as it was. Critics of Hyundai Santa Fe 2023 often accentuated its exterior, but did not say a word about the interior. Certainly, such state of affairs indicates only that there are no problems with interior, but whether the radical change of the exterior and classical style of interior can get along? Wouldn’t it be more logical to change your brainchild maximally? In fact, besides everything else, gasoline turbo-engines are also responsible for technical characteristics. Though, on the other hand, it is possible to please not only new clients, but also to “remind” old ones about itself.

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