2021 Hyundai Genesis GV70 Owner's Manual

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2021 Hyundai Genesis GV70 Owner's Manual

For five years, Korean automakers Hyundai have been developing their first premium crossover. The appearance of the G780 attracts with its predatory appearance, and the interior with its wide functionality.

Installed engines without any cool chips, but manufacturers guarantee reliability and power for a reserve. Modern technologies allow diesel engines to almost completely get rid of the terrible diesel rumble. Now the engine is almost inaudible, and with the diesel engine installed, it works like a normal aspirated engine.

The GV70 is very Bentley-like in its interior, quality finishes and luxurious design concept. Here everything is ergonomic and a minimum of unnecessary regulators. After all, there is a touch multimedia screen that allows you to control almost the entire car.
For complete convenience, all possible functions for connecting gadgets on Android or IOS are provided . One of the main perks is the excellent sound insulation, which practically does not let in the noise of the engine or the environment.

The interior of the car is finished with quality materials and optional equipment. The front seats and the trunk have an electric drive, various driving modes, artificial leather upholstery on the seats, climate control, which is divided into two zones.
Looking at the specs, you can see the 2.2-liter diesel engine producing 199 horsepower and 324 lb-ft of torque. In 8.3 seconds, the car accelerates to 100 kilometers.

The Hyundai Genesis GV70 is priced at $41,000 .

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