2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Owner's Manual

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2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Owner's Manual

Hyundai IONIQ 5 is a five-door electric crossover of the K2 class. The first generation of the model. The premiere of the car took place on February 23, 2021.

The IONIQ 5 electric crossover is the first car from Hyundai Motor Company to be built on the all-electric modular E-GMP platform. The use of such a “trolley” made it possible to introduce a number of advanced technological solutions.

Firstly, the platform systems operate at a voltage of 800 V, which allows the electric car to be charged from powerful stations. For example, a 350-kilowatt charger can replenish the IONIQ 5 battery from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes.

The batteries themselves are offered two: with a capacity of 58 kWh and 73 kWh. Both options are equipped with both one electric motor (behind) and two electric motors (one on each axle). Versions with a basic battery give out 170 hp. With. (monoprivod) or 235 l. With. (all-wheel drive), versions with 73-kilowatt – 217 liters. With. (monoprivod) or 305 l. With. (four-wheel drive).

The mileage on a single charge for the 170-horsepower version is 400 km, for the 217-horsepower version (the most “long-range”) – 485 km. As for acceleration, the basic version has a dynamics of 8.5 s to 100 km / h, and the most powerful – 305-horsepower – version accelerates to “hundreds” in 5.2 s.

Secondly, the use of E-GMP made it possible to expand the wheelbase of the car. With a total length of IONIQ 5 of 4635 mm, the length of the base of the electric car is 3000 mm. Which directly – and positively – affected the amount of space in the cabin and luggage compartments (527 liters behind and 57 liters in front). In addition, the electric “trolley” has a flat floor, which Hyundai decided to use directly. Therefore, the so-called Universal Island appeared in the interior of the electric car – an armrest console that moves in a horizontal direction by 140 mm. The IONIQ 5 does not have a central tunnel as such.

Other features of the car’s interior are two 12.3-inch displays, made in a single unit, and Zero Gravity front seats, the backs of which fall as low as possible – they should encourage the thought of relaxing inside the car. The thickness of the Zero Gravity seat backs has been reduced by 30% to provide passengers with more space behind. The rear passengers themselves have the opportunity not only to adjust the inclination of the sections of the backs of the sofa, but also the seats. It is also important to note that most of the materials used in the interior trim are environmentally friendly.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 is also equipped with a number of systems that are typical only for electric cars. For example, its battery can not only be charged, but also used as a generator (V2L): there is a socket under the sofa of the second row, and for external needs, you can use the charging connector. V2L connectors provide up to 3.6 kW of current. Another example is the solar panel as an alternative to the panoramic roof, which recharges both the traction battery and the on-board battery.

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