2005 Hyundai Matrix Owner's Manual

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2005 Hyundai Matrix Owner's Manual

Hyundai Matrix is undoubtedly the best way to get around. It’s the perfect city car, perfect for your dynamic lifestyle. It does not take up much space, so it is easy to maneuver and park.

Hyundai Matrix combines all the advantages that a modern car should have: reliability, safety, comfort, convenience and power. You don’t have to worry about anything. This is the whole Matrix. He’s just wonderful.

The author’s design of the Hyundai Matrix is ​​​​made by the legendary Italian design studio Pininfarina. The Matrix is ​​a masterpiece of automotive art.

Hyundai Matrix was designed on the basis of Hyundai Lantra, the first station wagon of Hyundai Motor Company. However, the engineers had to modify the design of the car, as the parameters of the body have undergone major changes.

Hyundai Matrix is ​​synonymous with mobility and versatility. Small, judging by its appearance, the car pleasantly surprises with a spacious interior and ease of operation. Add to this the use of the latest technological advances, a reasonable approach to the placement of passengers and cargo, and you will understand all the advantages of owning a car like the Matrix.

Attractive, affordable and exceptionally practical, the Matrix gives you everything you want in a modern car.

Electronic control system, improved fuel injection system, reduced noise and vibration levels are just a few of the characteristics of the Matrix engine, which works equally efficiently on city streets and on the freeway.

MacPherson front suspension is the best option for equipping a passenger car. The Dual-link rear suspension handles the car’s lateral roll well when cornering.

Hyundai Matrix is ​​both a family car and a car for avid individuals. Everyone will find it equally convenient and comfortable. Of particular note is the ability to adjust the rear seats both horizontally, which creates additional legroom, and vertically, which provides a better view of the road. When transporting bulky cargo, the rear seats can be fully folded down to form one flat surface. The front seats fold out into a comfortable sofa.

The on-board computer Hyundai Matrix displays information about fuel consumption and distance to refueling, tracks the distance traveled, travel time and much more. A special sensor warns about the applied hand brake.

Hyundai Matrix has plenty of convenient storage compartments. Two niches in the side walls of the trunk and under the row of rear seats are designed for tools. There is a shoe compartment under the front seat, and folding tables are mounted in the backs of the front seats.

Compact on the outside but spacious on the inside, the Hyundai Matrix is ​​a great driving pleasure.

In the markets of other countries, Hyundai Matrix is ​​sold under the Hyundai Lavita brand.

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